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I am also an aspiring photographer, experimental chef, hobbyist mixologist, foodie, avid nightlife aficionado and expert traveler in pursuit of the ultimate lifestyle.


Recent Adventures


Bespoke Adventure Creation

by Patrick Widen

I've spent nearly a decade traveling the world, mastering the intricacies of becoming a local wherever I may be. I've built a network of passionate purveyors of just about everything, discovered a wealth of incredible places, amassed a collection of off-menu secret items, found my way into dozens of hidden hotspots and so much more.

I've had a lot of absolutely phenomenal experiences. I've also had some bad ones.

For many people, a first visit might be the only one. In these instances, when things go wrong, the majestic memories that might have been turn into experiences never to be forgotten in a different way altogether. Instead of showing up and hoping for the best, I'm now offering a new experimental service.

Drawing on my years of travel, food and nightlife expertise, I'll help design a personal itinerary just for you. For the most discerning clients, I'll even do an advance visit based on your personal preferences and report back on everything from what the service is like at each of your possible hotels to specific dining options that match your unique preferences, cultural options, local contacts and more.

This service is focused on Chicago, Miami, Nashville and New York but can also be handcrafted just for you in any city you choose.