Patrick Widen is an entrepreneur, product and experience designer that has created experiences for a host of Fortune 500 clients (Deloitte, Cisco, Unum, Coca-Cola and Lexus--to name a few), alongside a number of his own start-ups including his past venture, EYES/ONLY.

He started his first design firm at the age of twelve, followed by several entertainment-focused social networks that competed with MySpace. During high school, he neglected the things he was supposed to be studying in favor of indulging his curiosity. Over the course of four years, he read nearly four hundred books on everything from behavioral economics to french cooking, engineering, psychology, and art.

He brings a human-driven design background heavily deepened by over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur.

Patrick created Vanderbilt University's first program in the nexus of neuroscience, behavioral economics and psychology applied specifically to design. Further, both while in attendance and after his subsequent completion of the program, he has employed insights from these human-centric fields of study to create compelling solutions for his clients and for his own projects.

He has a deep understanding of people and how they interact with technology augmented by a breadth of experience in how these principles affect corporate strategy, marketing, business model generation and customer experience.

While Patrick has a variety of capabilities, he's best utilized to craft or hone a compelling experience for the right audience. He's often employed for creative direction or leadership of a project and is skilled at leveraging available resources and specialized teams to create the best possible product.

He prefers to work on a finite number of projects at a time--giving each the attention, passion and care it needs to not only succeed but excel. Areas of focus include enterprise software and user experience design, consumer applications and brand development.