Bastion was one of 2016's breakthrough Nashville restaurants. Helmed by Josh Habiger (formerly of Alinea and The Catbird Seat), the Wedgewood-Houston restaurant is a chef's table concept with an open kitchen that puts you at the center of the culinary experience.

While it's been a few months since my last visit, I thought I'd share some photos of the (incredible) experience to help give you an idea of what it's like before diving in head first. Bastion's menu is a dynamic, fresh creature so it's entirely possible that none of these things will be available if/when your visit. 

A Sample Menu at Bastion

Bastion presents you with a simple grid menu once seated. Check off anything that piques your interest to create your own unique multi-course meal.

Beef Tartare + Nasturtium

Spanish Shrimp + French Sorrell

Sungolds + Sweet Corn

Squab + Fruit

Blackberry + Oregano

Vintage Spirit Selection From the Back Bar

A drink (or two) at the back bar is not to be missed. Alongside a creative cocktail menu, it houses an incredible selection of rare and vintage spirits--a nod to Alinea Group's The Office beneath The Aviary.

Rating: 5/5



434 Houston St, Nashville, TN 37203

(615) 490-8434